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At Hager Investments, we help people at all stages in their life and financial journey. We offer comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, and investment management services to a broad range of individuals, families, small business owners, and nonprofits—meeting you where you are and getting you where you want to go.

Retirees & Those Preparing for Retirement

We work with individuals and families who are in the saving and growth stage of their investments and retirement plans. We help you achieve a successful retirement by developing detailed wealth projections and spending plans, designing practical distribution strategies, and ensuring your tax, estate, and insurance plans are fully coordinated and optimized. Learn about our Retirement Planning Services.

Clients in Transition

​​We frequently partner with clients during significant life changes such as professional transitions, marriage, loss of a loved one, or inheritance. Part of our work together is educating clients on new areas within finance and investments, particularly if they are new to the topic.

High-Net-Worth Individuals

With wealth comes complexity. We will help you protect your assets, minimize your tax burdens, maximize your investment performance, and if you choose, pass your wealth down to heirs and fulfill charitable wishes. We lean on our years of financial and retirement planning expertise to deliver and execute plans in the most efficient manner possible.

Young Professionals & Families

Are you newly married? Having kids? Saving for a new home? This is an exciting time in life and an opportunity to lay down a solid foundation for your future and the future of those you love. We will help you get a jump-start on financial planning and good investment management to meet your many goals for generations to come.

Multi-Generational Families

Families are more interconnected now than ever, and multiple generations are important to consider when creating a plan and legacy. We are a trusted advisor of many multi-generational families. We will help you balance planning for your own financial needs and goals for retirement, the needs of your children for expenses like college and post-college life, and elder care for aging parents.

Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

We manage 401(k) plans and Simple IRA plans for small businesses.  We can provide guidance on which type of retirement plan is appropriate for the business owner to offer their employees or what type of plan may best suit the sole proprietor.

Non-profits, Endowments & Charitable Organizations

We manage the assets of several non-profits and charitable organizations. Non-profits receive a 25 basis point discount for our services. Visit our Fee Structure page for details.

Areas Served

No matter where you are, we’re there for you

Our clients are located across New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and throughout the United States thanks to advances in virtual financial planning and management services. 

Visit our offices in scenic New London, New Hampshire (in the Dartmouth – Lake Sunapee region), or Contact Us to schedule a virtual discovery, planning, and review session at your convenience. Whatever your situation, we’ll help you to establish goals, strategies, and solutions to reach your life and legacy milestones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a minimum account balance?

Because we provide all of our services for one fee based on assets under management, our new clients should have a minimum of $500,000 in investable assets.

Q. What are your fees?

We are a fee-only firm. Our fee covers both investment management and financial planning. The standard fee is 0.75% per year for the first $2,500,000 under management and 0.50% for assets under management over $2,500,000. Visit our Fee Structure page for more detailed information.

Q. What is a fee-only financial advisory firm?

Fee-Only planners are compensated directly by their clients for advice, plan implementation, and for the ongoing management of assets. Hager Investments relies exclusively on a fee-only model. One fee covers all of our services and the firm does not receive commission or fees from any source other than its clients. The fee-only model is the most transparent and objective method available for billing clients.

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