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Retirement planning is the process of determining retirement income goals, and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. Retirement planning includes identifying sources of income, sizing up expenses, implementing a savings program, and managing assets and risk.

Common Questions We Hear About Retirement Planning

  • What’s the best retirement saving strategy?
  • When should I start Social Security?
  • What can I expect from Social Security?
  • Do I have enough money saved to retire?
  • What do I do with this pension — take a lump sum, annuitize it, joint or survivor?
  • Where will my monthly cash flow come from beyond retirement?
  • Should we withdraw from our Traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs? Should I do a Roth conversion?
  • How can we save on taxes?
  • When do I start my required minimum distributions (RMDs) and how do I take them?
  • Can you help with health insurance and Medicare?
  • Do I need long-term care insurance?
  • When should I start gifting away my assets?

Relax, We Have You Covered

Hager Investments brings a wealth of wisdom to our retirement planning services. We help you figure out if you have enough to retire now, what changes you might need to make, how much to save, what types of accounts to use (e.g., funding Roth IRAs or 401(k); or Traditional IRAs or 401(k), and importantly, what mistakes to avoid.

Social Security Claiming Strategies

Determine what age to begin your Social Security benefits, what pitfalls to watch out for, and what type of spousal, ex-spousal, or survivor benefits apply to your situation.

Pension Distribution Options

Project the optimal age to begin your pension, whether you should take a lump sum or annuity distribution, and what type of survivor option to choose.

Retirement Withdrawal Strategies

Move beyond following a simple rule of thumb, like the 4% rule, and determine whether annuities are beneficial to your plan.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Learn which approach will result in the lowest amount of taxes paid over your retirement years and help you evaluate whether Roth IRA conversions can benefit you.

401(k), 403(b), IRA Rollovers

Efficiently roll over your retirement plans.

Smart, Stable Investment Approaches

Help protect your income from inflation concerns or becoming decimated by a severe market downturn.

Healthcare Decisions

Understand the pros and cons of long-term care insurance, how much to budget for healthcare in retirement, and what to expect from Medicare.

Estate Planning

Leave a legacy that has meaning for you and your loved ones.

Retirement planning can feel scary when you go it alone. With the right partner, it won’t. Hager Investments is dedicated to giving you sound advice, strategies, and solutions so you can enjoy the things that matter to you most in your retirement years—like spending time with family, traveling, and engaging in your favorite activities, hobbies, and recreations.

No Matter Where You are in Your Journey

Our retirement planning services are available in person and virtually as part of our financial planning services. This is part of our fee-only, fiduciary commitment to you. We successfully serve a range of retirees and their families living throughout New England in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts, as well as across the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does retirement planning cost?

At Hager Investments, our retirement planning services are available to clients at no additional cost.

Q. Do you have a minimum account balance?

Because we provide all of our services for one fee based on assets under management, our new clients should have a minimum of $500,000. in investable assets.

Q. What are your fees?

We are a fee-only advisory firm. Our fee covers both investment management and financial planning. The standard fee is 0.75% per year for the first $2,500,000 under management and 0.50% for assets under management over $2,500,000. Visit our Fee Structure page for more detailed information.

Q. What is a fiduciary responsibility and why is it important?

Fiduciary means to hold confidence or trust. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) both have a fiduciary obligation to always put their clients’ best interests needs ahead of their own.

Q. What is a fee-only financial advisory firm?

Fee-Only firms are compensated directly by their clients for advice, plan implementation, and for the ongoing management of assets. Hager Investments relies exclusively on a fee-only model. One fee covers all of our services and the firm does not receive commission or fees from any source other than its clients. The fee-only model is the most transparent and objective method available for billing clients.

Q. Is the information I provide confidential?

Absolutely! Your information is held in the strictest confidence. Stringent compliance and good practice demand that no information you share with us is ever sold, rented, or traded, and is held in the strictest confidence with the best security measures available. Everything you provide us is returned to you upon request.

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