Equity SecuritiesFixed Income Securities

Equity Securities

Hager Investments provides their clients exposure to the equity markets directly through the ownership of common stocks. These securities cover a broad spectrum in terms of market capitalization, growth characteristics, industry sectors and dividend returns in order to meet a wide range of investment objectives. Selection criteria place high emphasis on valuation relative to corporate fundamentals. Particular attention is focused on the PEG ratio (stock price earnings ratio divided by the growth rate) with the objective of seeking “growth at a reasonable price”. Hager Investments looks for attractively priced securities regardless of size, location or industry sector. Annual security turnover in client’s accounts is typically in the range of 10-20 per cent. Portfolio diversification is maintained through assignment of portfolio holdings to the ten broad industry groups included in the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).

Fixed Income Securities

Hager Investment Management follows the entire universe of marketable, investment grade fixed income securities including preferred stocks. The outlook for interest rate trends relative to the existing term structure of rates is the prime driver of fixed income investment strategy. Portfolios are diversified in terms of maturity, market sectors and corporate industry groups. Individual security selection emphasizes credit quality, yield spreads and call features. Utilizing Peter Hager’s extensive background in fixed income analysis and security selection, the fixed income asset category is managed with the same high level of intensity as equity investments.